--- Invite to Participate in Online Workshop with Dr Jo Fahey in collaboration with Professional Learning International ---
Are you an advocate for children's right to learn playfully?

Join Early Childhood teacher, author, and presenter, Dr Jo Fahey for her upcoming online workshop 
Playful Literacies: Honoring Children’s Agency

From the Desk of Dr. Jo Fahey
Adelaide, Australia
Dear Fellow Educator,

My name is Jo Fahey, I am a passionate early childhood teacher and strong advocate for children’s right to learn playfully

Instead of writing another book, for the last two years I have been developing an inspiring, interactive online workshop, 'Playful Literacies: Honoring Children’s Agency.

This workshop is packed with practical ideas and strategies to enhance playful literacies and children’s agency  for educators of children from 3-6 years of age.

You can take part by yourself, in small groups, or with your early childhood team. I have designed this as an opportunity for you to reflect, review, share and take action.

My next workshop will begin October 3rd, 2022, and it is available at a special Early Bird discount for educators who enroll before September 3rd, 2022.

I am excited to share this Playful Literacies Online Workshop with you ...

We have designed this workshop for educators who want to promote children's playful engagement in multi-literacies, and who believe in and honour children's capacity to show agency. 

Why agency is so important...

Agency isn’t something that we bestow upon children from an all-powerful stance...  

Agency is something that we facilitate and nurture.
Within children there lies a well-spring of playfulness, creativity, knowledge and understanding. 

In this workshop you will see how educators co-create environments that are conducive to discovering and fostering this well-spring

You will learn how educators nurture children’s belief in themselves as independent, capable and competent learners.
It’s about Personal Enablement, which is defined by Kalantizis and Cope as "the ability to lead a life with full capacities for self-expression and access to available cultural resources.”
In line with empowering children to build agency...

You will also see educators guiding children so that they learn in their own way and in their own time.
This online workshop demonstrates this fine balance.

My goal...

This online workshop is about helping educators to learn more about how children can engage playfully with multi-literacies.

I want more children to have their early experiences of literacy learning guided in playful and creative ways...

So that they will engage with the joy in this key foundational area of their education.

I have thought long and hard about the format of this workshop and how to best facilitate your learning. 

I finally settled on a series of engaging components which are designed to work together seamlessly, providing you with the inspiration and confidence to try out some of these ideas and strategies and create your own.  

The workshop is structured into four modules. 

These modules are structured into four lessons each, plus a bonus lesson available at the end of the workshop. 

All modules include videos, photographs, practical tips and ideas, texts, and professional learning engagements for you to take part in, as well as reflection questions. 

The modules are peppered with insightful interviews and discussions between Rachel French, Director of Professional Learning International, Jayne de la Haye and myself.
Jayne is currently Junior School Principal of Kristin School in Auckland, New Zealand. She has had extensive experience as an early childhood teacher and leader in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Your Questions Answered...
By Rachel French Director of Professional Learning International 
 What is the start date?
- Our first intake will begin October 3rd, 2022.
 Will this workshop be relevant to the International Baccalaureate Enhanced PYP? 
 Yes, very relevant. This workshop is all about fostering children's voice, choice and ownership. 

Examples of children’s agency are embedded in every lesson as it is part of the philosophy of the educators involved to nurture and facilitate this.  

Throughout the workshop you will view a range of ways to support  multiliteracies and promote translanguaging.

Jo has taught in international schools and continues to work extensively with IB schools.
 Can you tell me more about Dr Jo Fahey? 
 Jo has the lived experience of teaching and learning with young children for many years in both national and international settings .
For over 30 years Jo has alternated between teaching in schools and kindergartens, working in the university sector and leading professional learning for educators—particularly early years educators—in Australia, New Zealand, The Solomon Islands, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
While teaching in international schools, Jo became a curriculum developer for the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program, with special emphasis on the early years. Jo has facilitated numerous IB workshops in both Europe and the Asia-Pacific.  
On returning to Australia she conducted extensive research leading to a doctoral dissertation. This, in turn, led to the publication of a book, Ways to Learn Through Inquiry: Guiding Children to Deeper Understanding, published in 2012 by the International Baccalaureate. 
Jo’s thirst for inquiring into how young children learn keeps her up-to-date with international and national developments in early childhood education. 
 What is included in the online course? 
- Four online video based modules, with four lessons in each.
- Optional weekly one hour group discussions via Zoom where you can ask questions and get feedback on your learning process
- Access to a private Forum so you can share ideas, ask questions and receive feedback from your peers
 What do I need to participate?
- Internet access to stream videos and access the course content
- Joining our private Forum is recommended but not required
 How much time will this course take each week?
- Everyone works at a different pace, but we imagine it will take about 2-3 hours per week 
 What if I cannot make the weekly Zoom calls at the scheduled time?
-Jo will release the recorded session within 48 hours so you can still make the most of this learning opportunity
 Will I have lifetime access to the course content? 
- No, we have found when people have lifetime access they never get around to completing the course. The course is designed to be completed within four weeks, and you will have a few additional weeks of course access to finish up if needed. At the end of this time the portal will be closed, you will however maintain access to the Facebook group. 
 Will I get a certificate of participation recognizing my Professional Learning?
Yes, when you complete all of the modules you will receive a certificate of participation recognizing 15 hours of professional learning.
 What if I can't make the dates above?
- We will offer this course again later in the year! Please write us at admin@prolearnint.com so that we can reach out as soon as registration opens.
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