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Foundations of Concept-Based Literacy and Language
The Ultimate Guide to Leveraging the Power of Concepts in the Classroom 
for K-12 Literacy and World Language Teachers
From the Desk of Tiffanee Brown
Seattle, United States

Dear Fellow Literacy or World Language Educator,

Do you feel that you’re the best literacy teacher you can be?

I know that’s a big question, but you have such an important opportunity to make an impact, to help your students deeply understand literacy, share their ideas, and engage as members of our global community

Are you maximizing your students' potential as thinkers, creators, and communicators in your elementary or secondary school classroom?

By teaching literacy or world languages in a way that leverages your students' thinking and meaning-making, you have an opportunity to design units and lessons that move beyond skills to develop transferable conceptual understanding.

How would you like to hear your students saying things like this:

“Learning… is fun but it is also serious. It gets us ready for the future.” — 7th grade student

“Everyone is allowed to have their own thoughts about what we are learning. We get to share our ideas with classmates, which helps us understand our work more.” — 8th grade student

“Overall... [this] class was really influential to me as a reader and writer.” — 8th grade student

This is Concept-Based Literacy in action.

Teachers from around the world have been asking for a way to learn to use Concept-Based Literacy, without having to take valuable time away from the classroom or traveling to my international workshops. And in response, I’ve created an interactive six-week online course with self-paced modules and live coaching sessions that fully prepares you to teach through a Concept-Based Literacy approach!

I’m very excited to invite you to join me virtually for the online course Designing Concept-Based Literacy Lessons beginning on 3rd October 2022. When you register before September 3, 2022, you can take advantage of our Early Bird Special!

The Concept-Based Literacy Course That Will 
Transform Your Classroom

 Foundations of Concept-Based Literacy is for educators like you who are looking for a literacy model that is more inquiry-driven and idea-centered

Through highly practical and engaging professional learning that transforms theory into a regular part of classroom practice, educators are prepared to immediately apply the Concept-Based Literacy approach in their classrooms.

In this six-week online course, you will experience video modules, a book study, group coaching, and an individual coaching session to review the unit you have designed.

Just like I had that "aha moment," this course may create a paradigm shift for you, too. Concept-Based Literacy really does require you to think differently about how you approach your role as a literacy or world language teacher, and how you engage students in learning.

We will work on this together, using specific, step-by-step frameworks and plenty of examples. You'll even have the opportunity to observe me and two of my colleagues plan a lesson from start to finish, showing you how the principles are applied at each step so that you can translate them easily to your planning process.

We will also get really practical with it. You’ll work on developing your first Concept-Based Literacy unit and lesson and have an opportunity to troubleshoot and refine these with other teachers and myself. We will do this in our live sessions.

At the end of the course, you will be ready to teach the lesson from the unit you’ve created and realize the power of this approach in the classroom.

This Course Will Transform Your Approach to Teaching Literacy

In addition to designing your own Concept-Based Literacy unit and lesson plan, here is what you can expect to gain from the course. As a teacher you will:

  • ​Come away with a crystal clear picture of what Concept-Based Literacy looks like so you feel inspired and empowered to begin experimenting with this approach in your classroom
  • ​Gain greater confidence in working with concepts and leading your students to construct their own conceptual understanding
  • ​Be prepared to design units and lessons that develop knowledge, skills, and conceptual understanding simultaneously, which provides the foundation for learning transfer
  • ​Learn to leverage the literacy practices you are already using and take them one step further to develop conceptual understanding
Your students and their literacy learning are at the heart of this. And Concept-Based Literacy is an amazing way to support and empower them. Your students will:
  • ​Feel that they are valued as thinkers — it feels good to use your mind well!
  • Love the opportunities for choice in what they read and the types of texts they produce
  • ​Develop the mental models and conceptual schema needed to retrieve what they’ve learned when they are making sense of new contexts
  • ​Be able to transform factual examples into abstract conceptual ideas
  • Be able to explain the choices they made while engaged in a process and explain why those choices are effective
  • ​Transfer learning across multiple types of literacy materials and genres, and to their lives outside of school
  • Move from doing to understanding why we do what we do as readers, writers, speakers, and listeners

Ready to Be the Best Literacy or World Language Teacher for Your Students?

Concept-Based Literacy Lessons beginning on 3rd October 2022. When you register before September 3, 2022, you can take advantage of our Early Bird Special!

If you are ready to make literacy learning more dynamic and holistic, leverage student agency and meaning-making, and guide your students to develop transferable conceptual understanding that they will value for years to come… let’s do this together.

Click below to register for the Foundations of Concept-Based Literacy course. I’m so excited to share this with you, work with you, and support you along the way.

Warm Regards,
Tiffanee Brown

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